Understanding Social Media For Your Business

I am going to put it out there, it isn't something I am overly proud of, although I know I am not alone!

I hate social media - there, I said it!

You will be thinking right now, "how can someone that works in communications, hate social media?"

Well the truth is, I hate social media for my personal life, but I understand it as a necessary for business!

I am not one to be posting photos of my every meal, tagging myself into every location that I go to or overly exploiting the juicy details of my life, quite simply because I don't like people knowing everything that I do.

But for business it is important that your followers, fans and the like know exactly what you do and are constantly engaged.

This is where it becomes relevant to know the difference. It is so important to let people know what your business is doing, but let's just make sure you don't include every morning tea you decide to hold in the office!

Duck Soup Communications can help you create a social media purpose, using your current strategy, understanding your reporting and your company purpose to market what you do to people through the various social platforms.

You see, social media will help you find people that need you, it will help you find referrals, establish a customer base and engage, and even entertain. You just need to keep relevant.

Sit down and set some goals, plan where you want to go and what you want to achieve..and if you need a little guidance or some assistance you can let me know :)

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