Duck Soup Communications

Duck Soup is an old colloquial term, meaning an easy task. 


Why Duck Soup?
When we talk about communications, it may be a difficult task for some to begin, continue or sustain. For Emma, it is easy. 

Duck Soup Communications is here to help you communicate to your customers and target audience in an easy and simplified manner. 

Whether it is writing content for your social media channels, setting up strategies to increase and enhance your communication techniques, coordinating or managing events, or simply just ensuring you are communicating consistently across all platforms, we have it covered. 

Duck Soup ensures your brand is where it needs to be for people to understand what you are wanting to get across to them. 


Who is Duck Soup Communications?

A team of one, Emma is an animal loving, Gold Coast enthusiast. Known as an ideas woman with plenty of infectious passion and enthusiasm, she has extensive experience in the non-for-profit and small business sectors throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


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Duck Soup Communications is here to help you simplify your communications.