Emma Rossely

I graduated Griffith University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism and Public Relations. Most of my career has been spent in non-for-profit where I have worked in sport, the plumbing sector and in Indigenous health. In addition to this I have also worked for local government both as a contractor and a full-time employee. 


I am absolutely a people person, which is why communication is so important to me. Without communication we wouldn't be able to establish relationships of any form! 


I am passionate about giving back, simplifying technical and long winded information and producing outcomes inline with a clear brand. 

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Duck Soup Communications

Duck Soup Communications was created as an opportunity to connect with people and businesses with a human-centred purpose. 


Communication is core to a successful image, brand and internal company culture. Connecting businesses with their people and their audiences is just the beginning of why Duck Soup Communications exists.

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