I thought it would be best to start this blog off with a brief introduction to myself and what my plans are with this area of my new website.

As I am sure you have gathered by now, my name is Emma and I am the primary Communications Consultant for Duck Soup Communications.

For a while now I have thought about starting my own business, in November last year I was given the perfect excuse to get a head start and here we are today.

I have always been passionate about helping the small guys out, which includes small to medium businesses and not-for profits. I find it rewarding to work towards a worthy cause or a mission that will assist others one way or another. Coupling that with my communications background and we have Duck Soup; my way of showing you how to make communications simple.

Over the course of time, I will be using this space to blog about specific stories, articles, topics all relating to communication. Some interesting areas I will explore include networking, brand awareness, social media and the importance of clear and forward planning.

I hope these articles will prove not only to be informative, but helpful to those reading.

If you want to read more of my work, please by all means check out my LinkedIn account here.

You will also find the Master Plumber Magazine of which I was the Editor, over a contracted period.

Enough of me, I want to know who you are and what brought you to my site, what you are looking for and perhaps any ways I can help?

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you over the course of time.

- Emma :)

#smallmediumbusiness #nonforprofit #planning #gettingstarted

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