Pre-event anxiety (ahhh)

It has been a bit of time since I last wrote a blog for my site.

Work, life and writers block all contribute to my absence, but alas…I am here!

As I write, it is the eve of an event that will be hosting two guest speakers and over 150 attendees. While this is on the smaller side of the events I host, it is larger than what we had originally intended - but this is a good thing.

I am currently suffering from my usual bout of pre-event anxiety. Last night I dreamt there was a boycott and no one attended, this fuelled my over checking of information and preparation today. I went over my checklists at least 6 times, ran through the run sheet with management and my volun-chosen workers a handful of times and printed off extra copies of everything I need.

The thing is, I know everything will be fine..but this is just how I prepare myself and those working with me.

The other thing, I actually love this feeling. This is what drives me, this is how I know I love what I do.

Tomorrow starts at 4:30am with the aim of being out of the house by 5:30 and at the venue for bump in at 6, if only this was acceptable to do so in slippers (oh the joys of winter!). It's an early session, catering for a heap of outdoor workers who have rosters starting their day at 7, our aim was to get as much of a cross section of attendees as possible.

The topic is safety and our guest speakers will touch on the new industrial manslaughter legislation in Queensland and what that means for workers, senior officers/directors and organisations. It will then segue into how we can best position ourselves to avoid ever having to face this new legislation by being more mindful about safefy.

So while I sit here mulling over what I may have forgotten, trying to distract myself from my thoughts..I am hoping that tomorrow goes off without a hitch.

I am sure that I will be back with an update ;)

- Emma

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